Clàudia Grosche’s 0001-SOCIALDISTANCING series is made of photographs all taken inside a house she shares with her partner. In these intimate portrayals of her everyday life under the lockdown, Clàudia depicts her appreciation for the simple things and her craving for nature and the life beyond her apartment.

“We live in a city in the suburbs of Barcelona and we have been locked down for the past 2 months. Thus I’ve had lots of time for myself. Normally I work in an advertising agency but it has temporally closed until September, so I’m not working but I’m lucky enough to be receiving an employment benefit which has got my back covered during these months (and helps me to be more relaxed about the whole situation). Not working means having a plenty of time. And of course it has its ups and downs.” 

“I could not stop having this feeling that I was missing things, that I was being stolen moments.“

“I have had bad days where I was thinking a lot and felt a lot of anxiety for the future. I’ve had days being scared. Days ending up with a headache after being all day inside looking at screens. I had moments where I craved for nature and missed my family and friends a lot. And I could not stop having this feeling that I was missing things, that I was being stolen moments.”

“But I realised I was given lots of positive moments too. I normally leave home at 8:30AM to be back at 8PM, and back then I used to say I wish I could have more time for my photography and projects. Now I have all summer to shoot. I was very angry with myself because I could not find a moment to sign up to the gym again. Now I learnt that exercising at home is not a bad option either. I used to hate when I wasn’t feeling productive when I was home. It was the time for my personal things. Now I’ve learnt to do nothing if I don’t feel like it. And this has brought me a lot of peaceful moments. So overall, this lockdown hasn’t been so bad for me I guess.”