Prague Designblok. Its roots take us back to 1999 when it was founded by Jana Zielinski and Jiří Macek. More than 300 exhibitors, 3 special exhibition venues and over 50.000 visitors. No wonder that 20 years passed by and it is still considered to be one of the largest selections of design and fashion shows in Europe.

The theme of the jubilee year (100 years of Czechoslovakia) was ‘unexpectedly‘ the Celebration. We handpicked some of our favourite women designers for you below.

Eva Eisler – her Light Upgrade is an installation based on the principles of finding and promoting. She also reinterprets artistic forms of the past. Her work is designed to be further dismountable and recyclable.

Kristina Fngrlnd is a fashion designer and illustrator that stands behind the Metanoia collection of unique upcycled hoodies. These pieces are especially made for a benefit auction.

Monika Fišerová and Jitka Frouzová – these two created a collection Mirrorlovers, which is a concept that represents the connection between the product design and the object. They showcased reflective statues and objects that women use in their everyday life.

Marlene Huissoud is a French-born and British based experimental artist and designer. Her pieces have been made by an accumulation of hundreds of silkworm’s cocoons, which are varnished, with a thin layer of a natural honeybee bio resin.

Weronika Draus – a student of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She tries to monitor the transformability of her clothing pieces on different body proportions which is also reflected in the cuts of her work.

foto: Profil Media