Endless Summer

Ami Colberg is a Paris based photographer and choreographer, half of I Dance For You, a creative film & photography duo.

How did the idea for the shoot come about?

It is part of my life, I mean literally, it was shot in our house in the South of France, a very inspiring place surrounded by vineyards. Every time I go there I am trying to create and work on my artistic projects. This time I wanted to make a road trip style, natural summer story, just as I would spend my time there with my friends. Thanks to Enjoy Models I found Mathilde and Lucie, they were very cool to work with.

“There are so many ways to express beauty.“

Can we photograph the female body in a more powerful way?

The female body is under pressure, and everything has an impact on the way we see it: society, maternity, trends, education … I am trying to liberate it from the clichés and false perceptions by accepting diversity, and photographing everyBODY. There are so many ways to express beauty.

Your ideal morning?

Wake up late, COFFEE, take my time, more coffee, and then rush to a shooting or a dance studio.

What makes you happy?

I am very passionate about art and fashion, I am happy to work as an artist, a choreographer or a fashion photographer.

What’s next for you?

I work on a short film as choreographer and director, I also have some shootings, next week it’s fashion week … Then hopefully the cycle repeats.