Eli Apezteguia considers herself a lover of both images and words, almost equally. She believes in magic and is obsessed with details and thrilled by light. Every morning, after washing her face, Eli gently closes her eyes and she’s overcome by an unrelenting need to be under the sea.

How did the idea for the series come out?

The shadow of some plants reminded me of a picture I had taken a couple years ago of underwear hanging from a string. The idea then came to me to hang flowers as if they were clothes. I thought the concept of dressing up in flowers was nice and ended up with this. Besides, it was the perfect excuse to take pictures with Helena in a place I had wanted to for a long time: a friend’s house – a special space with a magical afternoon light.

Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?

The woman’s body is powerful by nature. Every body has in itself a level of femininity and depending on how it is photographed it will blossom more or less delicately, which is one of the things that appeals to me.

What inspires you and how would you define beauty?

Being close to the sea has always inspired me. Light and an occasional poem do too. I’ve recently started to get inspired by dance movements and, although it can sometimes be difficult for me to accept, being alone also inspires me. I don’t think I can define what beauty is to me, I only know that I love to find it in small gestures, moments, details. And I love it even more when I realise that the thing which has managed to give me goosebumps can go unnoticed by the person I’m trying to share it with.

Film or digital?

Film, no question. In fact, I’ve only recently dared to take digital photographs. It seems weird but I feel a lot more confident with analog cameras. I feel that it’s the camera that does all the work and I’m just a means for the picture to take itself. I guess that’s what allows me to let go, and the results feel more personal.

What makes you happy and what’s next for you?

Water and the sea makes me happy, more than anything else. But also buying myself flowers and watching the sun rise. Changes are coming, new things, improvising and letting myself go. I’m going to try and do a lot of things I’ve been putting off for a long time.