herbeautymag is HBMDOT

We have changed the name for our herbeautymag project. We’d like to present you the hbmdot. Has anything changed and what let us to it? As the brand grew over time, we felt limited by the initial concept of redefining her beauty. As the world is not limited by one or two genders, also we, as a business, would like to grow in new directions.

What is hbmdot about then, you might ask? We perceive it as a platform for contemporary art and a lifestyle free of conformity. We’re currently working on new ways to showcase art and culture, and sustainability of hbmdot.

We’re adapting to the new global world challenged by the coronavirus pandemic. „Instead of thinking about the future, we have to think about the present“, in order to change the world.

We’ll keep you posted, your hbmdot.


Artwork by Lukasz Wierzbowski from his series Weird on Top.