Spanish born Londoner Lucia Garcia captures intimate portraits of female subjects with the aim of empowering women through her art. Shooting exclusively on 35mm and natural light, her provocative and contemporary style promotes feminine erotica and defies the societal status quo of female sexuality.

“I thought of capturing Lottie’s warmth and cheekiness in contrast with the cold of the marble and stone.“

How did the shoot with Lottie go and how do you approach these intimate shoots?

Lottie and I have a muse-photographer connection ever since we first met. She now lives in Sydney and she came visit for a few days and I obviously couldn’t miss the chance! We met on a cloudy day in the hottest summer in London and went to Chiswick Palace Gardens. What I saw immediately inspired me: a dozen of marble statues scattered around these amazing trees and plants. I thought of capturing Lottie’s warmth and cheekiness in contrast with the cold of the marble and stone, so she sat on top of this amazing Sphinx and the rest came improvised, with a few laughs and weird looks from various dog walkers!

What do you hope to achieve through your photography?

To me, the biggest compliment is when a person I have photographed comes back to me saying how comfortable, pretty and sexy they have felt during the session and once they see the scans; it is truly magical how their perception of themselves can change. It’s what drives me to do the next one!

Your ideal morning?

To wake up just before the alarm goes off with the sunshine stroking my face, followed by a few minutes of stretches and yoga and sipping to some herbal tea whilst listening to BBC 6 or Michael Kiwanuka. Bliss!

Your dream person to photograph?

There are so many people I would dream to photograph: people I’d see on the street, people I’d bump into on the tube, or people I’d just feel a creative connection with; it’s that energy I feel when I meet someone I want to photograph that drives my work and my inspiration. I’ve recently photographed my neighbours who are in their teens and it was a real fun and enlightening experience to be surrounding by such young and careless spirits. It was a real interesting experiment to play between their pubescent and their more mature characters.

What’s next for you?

I’ve recently designed my first ‘zine’ after a big trip to New Zealand and it really inspired me to do more women related zines with hopefully other female writers that can write a caption to my pictures. It would be amazing to collaborate in this way!