Monday & Tuesday at Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week – Female designers are taking over!

Full time diva Vanda Janda, who started out as a blogger. Now a fashion designer, her collections are inspired by women, divas who had an impact on her. She is influenced by cinematography and the environment she lives in. She’s definitely one to watch!

Petra Ptáčková loves zero-waste cuts and recyclation. This collection was not an exception. Every look she designs is special in some way – we would describe it as dirty, ironic, exaggerated and variable.

The last show of the Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week belonged to Dominika Kozáková. As we already discovered last year, she is crazy for extravagant genderless fashion. While experimenting with unconventional materials, colors and structures she creates her own universe. And she was definitely unforgettable again!

photo: Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week archive