Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week. The city’s very-own celebration of all things fashion. This week leading Czech designers present their Fall/Winter 2019 collections. And we gathered up to see what is currently trending in this mesmerizing industry.

Jan Cerny stood out again with an exceptional location, DUP39, an industrial building with dark underground vibe perfectly suited to his edgy looks. Dyed fabric, “the new uniform,“ and a graphic designer Vladimír Boudník – three key characteristics of this collection, as he himself claims.

Michael Kovacik‘s collection is a combination of femininity, comfort and a hint of sophistication. And that is exactly what we adore. You could almost grasp the power of every single woman at the catwalk, which is something Kovacik was aiming for.

Tereza Vu, “the Queen of Czech lingerie.” Her collection is referring to parallel worlds which were lived by secret lovers of powerful men. Three lines are thematically connected as they represent various stages of their life.

photo: Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week archive