Sunday at Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week – a day belonging to young and promising designers and their collections full of off-beat looks.

The day bursted out with fresh collections by students from Fashion Design Studio (ADO) at Tomas Bata University in Zlín. All of the four designers had played with the characteristics of colors – either it was simply a single color fusing the whole collection or a brightly colored designs a look after look.

Sustainability and ethics in fashion and textile industry was the theme of AAAD’s (UMPRUM‚s) Studio of Fashion and Footwear. Moving away from the accelerating carousel of mass production gave students a contemporary space to personally and artistically express their individual attitudes towards the unsustainable situation of the fashion industry and to present their visions.

VAN GRAAF Junior Talent competition showcased talented designers Denisa Dovalová, Jakub Patka, Boris Král‘ and Adam Grmolec. At the end of the catwalk, the jury announced Boris Kral‘ as a winner. His main source of inspiration is the New Look silhouette, which he’s always been fascinated by.

On the one hand, timelessness, a clear handwriting and individuality, on the other a perception of the Zeitgeist and the presence of design as the bearer of the message of its time. AiM, the label of a student of Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Michaela Hriňová. She’s created a womenswear collection based on men’s cuts, jewellery and oversized silhouettes.

The LAFORMELA collection by designers Miroslava Kohutiarová and Antonín Soukup is the result of several returns. The 22 silhouettes Laformela has presented pointed to the brand’s significant nostalgic references to current and past trends and the contemporary urban style.

The Adam Kost collection is designed for men of high standards and personal attitude. “The main foundations are a perfect fit, a clearly defined silhouette and a unique work with patterned materials,“ the author says about his collections. Adam tends to mix contrasting elements that he combines into a harmonious whole.

photo: Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week archive