Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week Vol 2

Yesterday, we proved you that the Czech fashion industry receives attention for a good reason. So why not fall in love even more?

Sunday – the second day of fashion shows full of young perspective designers & iconic fashion artists. 

The day had started with collections by students from Fashion Design Studio (ADO) at Tomas Bata University in Zlín. At ADO, they emphasise individuality of each student which is highly reflected in their works. Magdaléna Mikuličáková is inspired by art movement Dada, deconstruction, nihilism and visual expression. 

French artist Sonia Delaunay and her paintings affected Barbora Mrňaková’s work. Not only she transferred Delaunay’s visual aspect to her collection, she also included snippets and quotes about Sonia’s life by using various techniques.

Michaela Hriňová created her own iconic brand AiM claiming LOVE forever, YOUNG forever. Authentic experience, the present moment, passion, the pressures of society, music and everything that comes with being young and free spirited inspired her whole collection.

When it comes to combining practical use and fashion you should know this name – Eva Papoušková. Her collection Fashion Follows Function is focused on functional design rather than seasonal trends.

Adriana Šatková’s work is all about the fashion evolution during the period of time before the Second World War until the first half of 50’s in Czechoslovakia. Every piece has simply something more to say and you are allowed to use your imagination while finding it out.

Last but not least was a unique fashion show by LAFORMELA a love child of two main designers Antonin Soukup and Miroslava Kohutiarova. Their work was featured in many iconic international magazines such as, or 

photo: Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week archive