Mia by Ari Seg

Shooting only in 35mm with a Nikkormat camera from her father, Ari Seg is a girl who gets excited with the power of image creation. A graphic designer and photographer based in Barcelona, she’s obsessed with David Lynch, energy, time travel, nature and youth culture. Check her set with Mia below.

How do you approach these intimate shoots?

Normally I shoot close friends or girls I find on Instagram whom I really like. I have the freedom to choose who I want to shoot with to achieve this intimacy and a relaxed atmosphere. And a smile always help too.

“The female body is all power, it is a creator in all of the ways. The menstruation itself carries an immense power, our body teaches us the cycles of nature.“

Can we photograph the female body in a more powerful way?

Yes. The female body is all power, it is a creator in all of the ways. The menstruation itself carries an immense power, our body teaches us the cycles of nature. This power has been rejected and hidden for generations and right now we are living a point where the face of the feminine is more in the public eye. She is emerging. And it is also reflected in art and photography.

I truly believe that less photo-retouching, including all types of bodies and the normalization of all types of breasts and shapes in photography and fashion campaigns can slowly educate us and help the next generations in feeling more comfortable with all the marvellous shapes a body can have and not being ashamed of it. That’s a way of reclaiming our power through photography. There will be blood, shooting of Arvida Bystrom is a clear example of this empowerment and normalization of the menstruation.

Your ideal morning?

Waking up knowing that I am exactly doing what I want to do.

What makes you happy?

Meditation, films, green spaces, free animals, learning, falling in love with ideas, picking up developed rolls from the store, music festivals and feeling grateful for my boyfriend, my friends and my family.

What’s next for you?

I hope to never stop creating. So probably new creative experiences and new places to discover are waiting for me.