R’Bonney Nola

R’Bonney Nola is an independent clothing designer from Houston, TX. She hand makes her pieces with a focus on embroidery, quilting, textures, and various couture techniques. Her label ‘R’Bonney Nola‘ aims to preserve the beauty of high quality construction and encourage self-confidence to those who wear her pieces.

Pictured by Cary Fagan; a soft-spoken Visual Connoisseur. Artist. Hero. Operating under the realm of the Batman trope, Cary Fagan doesn’t say too much, but his presence however, provides a deep sense of emancipation. He is the walking personification of a Jazz Saxophone solo. An ambiguous serene enigma of purity that creates fluid optical trance.

R’Bonney, how did the idea for the collection come about?

I wanted to create a small collection embracing femininity. I designed 1 style dress and made them in 3 different colors so that each color could appeal to a different type of woman.

What do you hope to achieve through your fashion?

I aim to bring self confidence to whomever wears my pieces, and push the boundaries of traditional fashion. It’s time to make a change and promote diversity in size, shape, ethnicity, and background in fashion.

How do you keep yourself going creatively?

I have endless ideas, so I’m always trying to keep myself busy to tackle the next task. I find motivation from lots of things, but mostly seeing others work hard to achieve their goals. That’s inspiring.

“It’s time to make a change and promote diversity in size, shape, ethnicity, and background in fashion.“

Cary, was there any exact moment in your life when you fell in love with photography?

The passion came from watching my father, a photographer, documenting moments in time. Out of curiosity, I picked up my own camera and began – there’s not much explanation after that.
Fell in love, about ten years ago…

How would you describe your style?


Do you feel any connection between you and the subjects you take pictures of?

Of course, there should be a sense of chemistry between you and the subject to continue in my opinion; R’bonney is someone I’ve known for over 8 years – when we work together, there’s no grey area. – we selected the models, and location together – models on set felt as if they were there before; the moment was natural.