Sunshine and Rain

Isabella Ståhl is a Swedish photographer and artist. Her work is often described as finely observed, subtle and atmospheric and she mainly captures landscapes, portraits and animals in rural environments. Isabella Ståhl is educated at Gotlands Folkhögskola in Sweden and International Center of Photography in New York. Her long-term project Left Behind has received widespread appreciation and was recently exhibited at The Museum of Photography in Stockholm, Sweden. Isabella Ståhl’s work has been published in several print and online publications including GUP Magazine, Burn Magazine and the Humble Arts Foundation. She is working as a freelance photographer and is currently based in Paris.

How would you define beauty?

I think beauty comes from the inside. I also think light can make most things beautiful, the sun, the moon and the stars …

What do you love about photography?

I love that photography still surprises me, the feeling of not knowing how something you capture will turn out. I also like to be able to document moments that I can later look back at and remember.

What inspires you?

Travel, people, animals and nature.

Film or digital?

Both, for different purposes.

What makes you happy?

Puppies and kittens, sunshine and rain, people and nature. A good movie or book.

What’s next for you?

I take the day as it comes and tonight I’m going to an art opening. I also travel to Spain in a few days and I’m trying to shoot a lot for an ongoing project.