Tanner Peterson: hbm muse

Tanner Peterson is a musician, songwriter, producer, and model based in Brooklyn, NY. After graduating high school in Tennessee, she moved to New York in 2012 where she studied music and audio engineering at New York University. You can find her playing shows in the NYC area and daydreaming about her next solo-backpacking trip across South America. She will be releasing an EP in early 2018 under the name Tanners.

How did the shoot with Ethan go?

I love working with Ethan. We met a couple of years ago while shooting a lookbook for a mutual friend’s fashion label and have been working together ever since. This was our first shoot indoors and neither of us went in with any expectations and it ended up being one of my favorite shoots of recent memory. Over time my bedroom has turned into this bright pink Bowie shrine and it’s the coziest space so we had a lot of fun shooting in there.

What do you hope to achieve through your music/modelling?

I really want to make music that resonates with other people in some way – whether it makes you want to dance or cry or make out with someone or even just makes you feel like you’re not so alone. Being in charge of my own productions is also incredibly important. I want to continue learning from the people around me and hopefully down the line even produce and write for other artists. At the moment, modelling is another creative outlet and something I do for fun. I usually wear the same thing everyday (a t-shirt and black jeans) so I really enjoy breaking away from that and coming up with looks and characters that are like little vignettes of myself.

Do you think there’s a way for photographers/the industry to capture the female body in a more empowering way?

I think it’s really important to have all types of bodies represented. And this goes for all bodies, not just female. I feel really lucky to be a part of a generation that’s more accepting of a broader definition of femininity and womanhood. Representing people’s differences can reinforce the idea that everyone has a unique and valid perspective of the world which is extremely empowering.

Your ideal morning?

Waking up after a solid 9 hours of sleep to a decadent breakfast in bed … Two eggs over easy, a flakey butter croissant, perfectly crispy bacon, half a grapefruit, and a large foamy cappuccino. And maybe a bloody mary … Or two.

What are your plans and what’s next for you?

I’m getting ready to release an EP that I’m really excited about. It’s the first time I’ve made music that gives me butterflies whenever I think about other people hearing it. I’m currently playing shows in NYC but I hope to tour in some capacity in the next year or so. Other than that, I’m planning my next long-term backpacking trip. I spent last winter in Southeast Asia and had the time of my life. Itchy to get on the road again.