The Birth

Louis F. Cota is a photographer and visual artist from Mexico but living in Boston, MA. Starting with 35mm film evolving to 120mm taught him to have patience in the process and appreciate the details more.

“A story in a lost place, nobody expected us to be in Sonora.“

How did the idea for the series come about?

It came from a spontaneous idea during another photoshoot that I did. For this idea with Frida we wanted to create something different and make every detail notorious in general, Karem Vizcarra, who was the stylist, helped me to develop the idea as well. We started the concept of an out of the box beauty, more explicit and colorful … at that time we were in our little town in Sonora, MX, there’s not many designer clothes to experiment with, so we didn’t waste our time and started making, creating and designing the outfits with random stuff that we bought at some random store, without losing the solid concept that we already had in our minds. Thanks to this, the project has a more impact in the surreal area, which was what we were aiming for, a story in a lost place … nobody expected us to be in a little town of Sonora, MX.

Can we photograph the female body in a more powerful way?

Yes of course, it depends on the vision of each person. Everybody has a different vision and a way of expression. That’s the beautiful thing, we never stop learning, just appreciate the details.

Your ideal morning?

Right now … Wake up early, coffee and Blonde by Frank Ocean. That’s it.

What makes you happy?

The peace of equilibrium.

What’s next for you?

Move to New York and keep moving forward.