Wesley Harriott LFW

London Fashion Week was full of stunning new talent, but it was womenswear brand Wesley Harriott which instantly caught our eye. Ricky Wesley Harriott is a Tottenham born designer whose urban environment remains the key influence of his work. Inspired by the powerful female figures in his life and the struggles they endured, Wesley Harriott’s collections embody the strength and resilience of the female character. Harriott aims his collections at the dominant female figure, drawing his influences from power and individuality. The shaping of Harriott’s collections by female figures of his past is evident throughout. His muse is that raw, unforgiving female that dances between heroism. Harriott’s series places these powerful women in the contemporary fashion environment with a uniform that captures their gender-defying nature.

Ricky describes his collections as a series of love letters to women, revealing that the power that women move through the world today is what should be viewed as sexy, adding that his clothes portray this dialogue. Ricky believes that being a London-born designer grants you the ability to experiment and develop designs, which is illustrated in the unique message of his clothing. Through focusing on dynamic pieces with the emphasis on silhouettes, utility and multi functionality. Harriott regarded himself as a storyteller and created a brand as an outlet for those narratives.

AW19 takes us back to a muse of fantasy and imagining, seen previously throughout Wesley Harriott’s collections. Influenced by the story the story of Empress dowager Cixi and how she was depicted in the book ‘Empress Dowager Cixi: The Concubine Who Launched Modern China’ by author Jung Chang. This collection explores her ability to be wholly feminine but not allowing beauty and sexuality to die in the midst of her duty as a leader. This muse places the Wesley Harriott women in her guise and interpret the black and white persona of Cixi into a modern reimagining. Along side this narrative the subtext of this figure was the balance of being a regarded a Women of glamour decadence and femininity but also feared and respected above her male counter parts.